Reporting Spam

If you are still receiving spam, submitting the emails to the central SpamExperts training system will, first of all, help to reduce the spam you're seeing and it will allow us to retrieve detailed information on what may be causing your problems.

Emails that did not pass our filtering systems, or that passed the filters because the sender/recipient was whitelisted are automatically excluded from the training systems.

Spam Experts Control Panel 

A "Report Spam" button is present in the SpamExperts Control Panel. You can upload a spam message on the page to train the anti-spam filter. It is a 'drag 'n' drop' feature, meaning you can save the Spam email to your system, then drag and drop the email into the "Report Spam" area.

You can also directly Upload the email in a .eml or .msg format.

Be Advised: Only emails that have been processed by the cluster you are reporting to are accepted. Currently only the .eml or .msg formats are supported.


Email Client Plugins

Plugins are available which interact directly with the SpamExperts service:




Apple MailApp

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